The 2022 annual sales conference grandly held
2022-02-12 2524

"The spring breeze brings warmth, Vientiane is new, and the tiger is galloping, and the sales are booming!" On the afternoon of February 10, 2022, the 2022 annual sales conference of Jiangsu Shuangda Pump Industry Co., Ltd. was grandly held in the conference room on the third floor of the company.

Mr. Wu Yonggui, President of Jiangsu Shuangda Pump Co., Ltd., Mr. Ding hengbiao, deputy general manager, Mr. Zhu Qiaohong, assistant general manager, Mr. Pu Haiyan, assistant general manager, Yang Zhangyu, chief technical engineer and other company management teams and all sales managers attended the conference.




This conference is based on "unite as one, create brilliance together!" As the theme, all business managers of pilot Shuangda muster up their energy and move towards the listing goal of Shuangda!

At the meeting, Mr. Zhu Qiaohong, assistant general manager, briefly reviewed the sales situation of Shuangda in 2021 and solemnly read out the sales target of 2022. For the new sales target, detailed measures and methods are proposed one by one from the refinement of sales target, the focus of target market, the recommendation of new products to the planning of sales team, so as to make all business personnel more clear about the work content of 2022.




In view of the company's overall sales plan for 2022 and focusing on Shuangda's goal of becoming a domestic high-end Petrochemical Centrifugal pump manufacturer within five years, Yang Zhangyu, chief technical engineer, demonstrated in detail the new products and technologies planned to be launched by Shuangda in 2022, so that all business managers have a clearer understanding of new products and new target application markets.

Production, quality assurance and after-sales are the troika to ensure sales. Mr. Pu Haiyan, assistant general manager and director of pump manufacturing department, reported on the new measures of the Department in 2022: accelerating the progress of production informatization and intelligence, improving the product delivery rate, completing sales contracts with quality and quantity, and solving the worries of business managers.




Finally, President Wu Yonggui made important instructions on the sales work in 2022. As a key year for Shuangda's listing preparation, he asked all business managers to refine their work objectives, strengthen implementation, vigorously explore key customers, serve old customers, focus on new energy, new materials, environmental protection and mining markets, firmly safeguard Shuangda's interests, defy difficulties, unite as one and create brilliance!




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