Announcement on reward reporting of clues of infringement of intellectual property rights of the company
2022-01-20 2440

For a long time, Shuangda company has been committed to independent technology research and development, expansion and innovation, constantly improving the company's brand awareness and market share, and respecting and protecting intellectual property rights is the company's consistent attitude and proposition. Recently, the company has repeatedly found illegal acts of counterfeiting the company's brand, imitating the company's products, and even divulging the company's technical secrets, which has seriously damaged the company's brand reputation and sound development.


In order to effectively crack down on the infringement of the company's intellectual property rights and create a good business environment for the company, the matters related to reporting illegal acts are announced as follows:


1、 Reporting method:

1. Hotline: 0523-84318502 13805261689

2. Report email:

3. Mailing address: No. 1, Ruijiang Road, Xinqiao Industrial Park, Jingjiang City, Jiangsu Province


2、 Reward standard: according to the provisions of the company's reward measures for reporting regulatory violations, the informer will be rewarded with 10000 yuan for the reported violations and the clues of the infringer after verification. Subsequently, according to the amount involved and in accordance with the law on rewards for reporting regulatory violations, the maximum reward can be 1 million yuan, and the personal information of the informer will be kept strictly confidential.


3、 Reporting scope:

1. Producing, distributing and counterfeiting the registered trademark, license mark, company name, address or code of Shuangda company;

2. Production, distribution, forgery and fraudulent use of Shuangda company's certification mark, famous and high-quality mark and other quality marks, Shuangda company's product certificate, inspection report, quality assurance certificate and other quality certificates or products with product mark mark, national standard product mark and commodity bar code mark;

3. Forging the power of attorney, production date, safe use period or expiration date of Shuangda products, and using second-hand Shuangda products to pretend to be brand-new and authentic products;

4. Obtaining the company's business secrets by theft, bribery, fraud, coercion, electronic intrusion or other improper means;

5. Other acts that infringe upon the company's trademarks, patents and trade secrets.


It is hereby announced!


Jiangsu Shuangda Pump Industry Co., Ltd


January 16, 2022


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